1. hottie

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  2. 2014 the year lisa frank makes a major comeback rightKLAUD

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  4. next great american novel

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    can’t wait to own dogs with u

    dirtdrunk :*

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    My idea of an alien abduction happening at a cabin in the woods. My newest addition, but probably my favorite yet. This was done at the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention in Nashville, TN. By Chris Wednesday of Brooklyn, NY. 

  8. Complete Breaking Bad Badge Set



    Complete Breaking Bad badge set! by bestplayever in Bradford, UK
    All badges are 1 inch and handmade

    Buy now on Etsy & eBay

    I need? all of these?

    hahaha “I said cheetos not fritos” A+

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    it’s called fashion look it up

    well yeh

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  10. 53°12’51.5”N 14°28’33.3”E
    the crooked forest, gryfino, poland

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